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New School Year, New Design for A Powerful Mobile Reporting App

Part 1 of 2 in a series on the STOPit 2018 Platform Update

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Over 2,600 schools are using the STOPit app to empower students to stand up to harassment, bullying and other forms of intimidation. For hundreds of thousands of students across the United States and internationally, STOPit is providing students the power to safely, anonymously report abuse and to seek help, putting the solution, literally, in the palm of their hands -- and users are about to get a major upgrade.

Timed to coincide with the start of the 2018-2019 school year, the development team at STOPit has taken feedback from a diverse group of youth users as well as school educators and administrators to improve to the look and ‘feel’ of the most popular mobile reporting tool available. Focus groups helped with UX (user experience) choices, and feedback from hundreds of administrators and school educators provided clear examples about what they liked most about the app, giving the development team a good place to start building the next version.

"The app is a tremendous resource and we've seen a dramatic improvement in the way the kids in our school think about bullying and helping each other. I was happy to share feedback that is helping to make the app even better." Said Larry, recent grad of Wall High School in NJ, who is a STOPit customer.

No other solution in the marketplace is so focused on their users, and ensuring a simple, fast and powerful experience.

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Choose STOPit and Change for the Better

All updates are focused on continually improving the user experience and evolving the app from an effective, powerful reporting tool into one that also provides information and support to help students feel safer, better connected and better informed, 24/7. New features enable a more robust and customizable library of information resources including articles and crisis/help lines, and updates to the new Thank You screen provide clear, positive feedback when students file a report.

“The upgraded mobile app presents options in a clean, intuitive format that leverages the best UX of other popular and successful digital experiences,” said Teresa Reuter, STOPit’s Director of Customer Success. “And the easier it is to use, the more likely they’ll use it to improve safety at their school and challenge harassment of themselves and their classmates."

In addition to the updated UX features, highlights of what else users can expect include:

  1. Simplified activation process: For current and future users, this means that the new app gives schools options for making it even easier to login and report while still delivering the best in security and anonymity to users. Students can put in a one-time, district-wide access code and simply choose their school from a drop-down menu, or, they can skip entering an access code entirely and scan a QR code from any of the launch materials STOPit prepares for each client.
  2. Broadcast: STOPit has updated the Notification function, offering schools the option to load in school-specific content such as relevant educational information, in addition to broadcasting important announcements and opportunities. Content choices are chosen by each school to best serve their own, particular school culture and community.
  3. Get Help: This button has been moved to a more prominent location in the bottom menu. Schools upload their own resources, such as national and local helplines.
  4. Activity Screen: It’s been transformed with an even more powerful, easy to use design. The new ‘inbox’ feel makes it easier to check reports and log information. Students can now update information for a specific incident, adding more evidence, or clarifying details in the original report. Anonymous communication about the incident and follow up is as easy and secure as ever.

What’s In a Name? For STOPit Admin -- Everything.

In addition to the mobile app update, STOPit is also launching a transformation of DOCUMENTit, the company’s comprehensive, streamlined, cloud-based incident management system, now renamed STOPit Admin.

STOPit Admin deploys an even better, more intuitive user interface, and adds robust information features and streamlined reporting and analytics dashboards to make the admin role even easier and more time effective. “We can’t be more excited about this launch,” Reuter said, “and clients will be delighted by the improvements -- especially by how easy it is to leverage their current knowledge of how the tool functions in an even better user experience. And our future users will benefit from the same best-in-class service that they have come to rely on from STOPit.”

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