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STOPit streamlines reporting and incident management so that campus officials can efficiently handle inappropriate behavior.

STOPit was created for two reasons:

  • Empower students with an easy, safe and anonymous way to help themselves or others
  • Reduce the workload on educators by providing powerful investigatory and time-saving tools

The STOPit Solution

STOPit is an easy and effective way to manage and resolve incidents of inappropriate behavior of all types.

  • Decrease your workload: STOPit is a powerful deterrent that will reduce the number of incidents you have to manage.
  • Save time: Follow up directly with students to get more information in real time.
  • Be proactive: Resolve problems early, before they spiral out of control.
  • Focus on real issues: Over 99% of incidents submitted via STOPit are legitimate.

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Title IX
Clery Act

Mitigating problems before they arise

The documentation side of things has been amazing. As I investigate a claim, I use the notes section to document a running narrative of what I have found and who I have interviewed. The program makes it very easy to keep all of our ducks in a row.

— Patrick K.

STOPit has given a voice to students in compromising situations

Students can partner with schools to help define appropriate culture and climate by what is acceptable and what is not. I think STOPit has given a voice to students when a situation arises involving social media or other compromising situations that they want to report.

— Mary-Jo E.

Great app and great process

The enrollment process with the STOPit app has been very easy...Great app and great process. Thank You.

— Corry Roberts

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