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STOPit was the best way for us to comply with the law

“Choosing to use STOPit was the best way for us to comply with the law,” Jim Green, Industrial ISD principal said. “And the safest. Some students don’t feel comfortable talking to me or one of the officials, and this gives them a way to do that, and an easy way for us to follow-up on the reports.”

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David's Law Requires

  • Anonymous Incident Reporting
  • Parental Notification Procedures
  • Intimate Visual Material Handling
  • Law Enforcement Procedures
  • Reported Incident Classification

STOPit Provides

  • STOPit Mobile App
  • Alerts/Email Parent Features
  • Cloud-Based Architecture
  • Escalate Incident Feature
  • Incident Type & Reports
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If we can save just one life ...

If we can save just one life with this bill, that in itself is worth it.

— Senator Donna Campbell
David’s Law co-author

I see STOPit as a major tool for change...

Our reaction time to incidents has significantly improved and all new incidents are addressed in under 2 minutes. The deterrent effect of the program was powerful and evident immediately.

— CAPT Neil May, USN (Ret.)
Washington High School

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