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STOPit is used by over 500 schools in Texas

Texas SB 179, "David's Law"

The Texas Education Code, §37.0832, is amended to include new requirements for school bullying policies & procedures:

  • Revised definition of bullying
  • Addition of cyberbullying prohibitions, on or off school grounds
  • Anonymous reporting procedures
  • Revised penalties for bullying/cyberbullying

David's Law Requires

  • Anonymous Incident Reporting
  • Parental Notification Procedures
  • Intimate Visual Material Handling
  • Law Enforcement Procedures
  • Reported Incident Classification

STOPit Provides

  • STOPit Mobile App
  • Alerts/Email Parent Features
  • Cloud-Based Architecture
  • Escalate Incident Feature
  • Incident Type & Reports
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If we can save just one life ...

If we can save just one life with this bill, that in itself is worth it.

— Senator Donna Campbell
David’s Law co-author

It’s important for everyone to feel safe...

It’s something we feel is important and invaluable. We are investing in this because we know it’s important for everyone to feel safe. We want to make sure everyone feels safe.

— Tanya Larkin, Superintendent
Pampa ISD

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