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Texas SB 179, "David's Law"

The Texas Education Code, §37.0832, is amended to include new requirements for school bullying policies & procedures:

  • Revised definition of bullying
  • Addition of cyberbullying prohibitions, on or off school grounds
  • Anonymous reporting procedures
  • Revised penalties for bullying/cyberbullying

David's Law Requires

  • Anonymous Incident Reporting
  • Parental Notification Procedures
  • Intimate Visual Material Handling
  • Law Enforcement Procedures
  • Reported Incident Classification

STOPit Provides

  • STOPit Mobile App
  • Alerts/Email Parent Features
  • Cloud-Based Architecture
  • Escalate Incident Feature
  • Incident Type & Reports
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If we can save just one life ...

If we can save just one life with this bill, that in itself is worth it.

— Senator Donna Campbell
David’s Law co-author

Students were able to report sexual abuse...

We were able to stop a teacher/coach who had been sexually abusing students in our school and community.

— Dr. Andrew Williams, Principal
Tuacahn High School

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