6 Things You Need To Know About David’s Law

Includes New Insights & Results!

November 14 | 10:00 am – 10:30 am CDT

Featured Webinar Presented by STOPit

This webinar will provide information about David’s Law including what it is, who it applies to, and what schools needs to do as of September 1, 2017. The webinar will be informative and to the point. Participants should expect to gain a clear understanding of what is expected, as well as some welcome news about what is not expected. We also have recent updates from success stories in the Lone Star State.

Neil Hooper

Speaker: Neil Hooper

Neil Hooper is a Risk Management professional who has worked in education and technology for over 20 years. His background includes experience in IT Risk, Supply Chain Risk, Insurance Solutions, and Employee Risk Management.

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If we can save just one life ...

If we can save just one life with this bill, that in itself is worth it.

— Senator Donna Campbell
David’s Law co-author

STOPit was the best way...

Choosing to use STOPit was the best way for us to comply with the law.

— Jim Green, Principal
Industrial ISD

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