STOPit Education Solutions

Anonymous Reporting & Incident Management

Thank you! By taking an interest in STOPit, you’re taking the first step to improving the lives of children, students and your community.

You may already be a STOPit customer, or you may be doing research about how to bring our award-winning anonymous reporting app to your school.

To date, we have thousands of schools across the country that use the STOPit app. Every day, students are using this technology to report threats and incidents that threaten their own -- or another’s -- safety and welfare.

Our staff stands ready to assist you, and help you present the STOPit solution to your local school district. We have talking points and guide materials to share with you, and we are happy to advise you on how you might approach the discussions.

Please complete this form and a STOPit representative specializing in K12 administrative communications will be in touch shortly.

STOPit Education Solutions

STOPit is the nation’s most popular solution for anonymous incident reporting and management. Stay in line with anti-bullying laws and use STOPit to maintain a positive, safe, and productive school climate.

The STOPit subscription includes:

  • STOPit Web - Easy reporting from any web browser
  • STOPit Mobile App - Next generation mobile reporting
  • DOCUMENTit - Incident Management System for Administrators
  • Launch, Support, & Training Materials - Posters, Videos, and more!

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STOPit Strengthens Student Upstanders...

The best feature about STOPit is it Strengthens Student Upstanders. Students can partner with schools to help define appropriate culture and climate by what is acceptable and what is not.

— Mary-Jo Eppright, Anti-Bullying Specialist

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