5 Things You Need To Know About "Bullying Bill 3.0"

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This webinar will provide information about House Enrolled Act 1356 which is nicknamed “Bullying Bill 3.0” because it tweaks the original bullying reporting law that went into effect in 2013. We will cover what it is, who it applies to, and what schools need to do. The webinar will be informative and to the point. Participants should expect to gain a clear understanding of what is expected, as well as some welcome news about what is not expected.

Neil Hooper

Speaker: Neil Hooper

Neil Hooper is a Risk Management professional who has worked in education and technology for over 20 years. His background includes experience in IT Risk, Supply Chain Risk, Insurance Solutions, and Employee Risk Management.

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It means a lot to the students...

I think it means a lot to the students who have been bullied over the year and the parents who have to live with that every day.

— Greg Porter
State Representative, Indianapolis

Our reaction time has significantly improved...

Our reaction time to incidents has significantly improved and all new incidents are addressed by an adult in under 2 minutes. When I talk to students and parents about a situation I now present them with factual, legally defensible evidence.

— CAPT Neil May, USN (Ret.), JROTC Naval Instructor
Washington High School

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