Using App To Fight Cyberbullying


PERRY CO. -- A local school district has found new ways to combat cyberbullying. Pinckneyville Community High School is setting up an app that will let students send in tips.

The hundreds of Pinckneyville students carry hundreds of cellphones. Those connect them to a world outside the walls of the high school.

"We had several students coming to us saying that several inappropriate comments were being made online through some different apps and websites," said Principal Dustin Foutch.

Foutch believes many of the problems start with programs that allow teens to hide their names while they attack classmates.

"An app called YikYak," said Foutch. "Basically, it's an anonymous site anybody can go on there and say anything to anybody, and they feel like there's not going to be any repercussions."

Foutch wanted a way to figure out when the harassing messages got posted and who sent them. His research led him to an app called "Stop It."

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