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STOPit Insurance Solutions

Start being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to dealing with incidents of inappropriate behavior. When students are comfortable sharing information with you, more students will start asking for and getting the help they need. Plus, you will have the ability to address issues early on, before they spiral out of control.

STOPit Mobile App

  • 100% anonymous reporting from a simple mobile app
  • Submit photo or video evidence
  • Real-time messaging with administrators
  • Empowers bystanders to become Upstanders

DOCUMENTit Incident Management System

  • Real-time SMS and email alerts
  • Follow up with students to get more information
  • Proactively identify patterns and trends
  • Access actionable data with built-in Reports
  • Time- and date- stamped audit trails of all activity

The STOPit Solution

  • Saves administrators time and reduces their workload
  • Cultivates a culture that deters bad behavior
  • Automate regulatory compliance and risk mitigation
  • Realize ROI with the avoidance of a single claim

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Title IX
Clery Act

STOPit Strengthens Student Upstanders

The best feature about STOPit is it Strengthens Student Upstanders. Students can partner with schools to help define appropriate culture and climate by what is acceptable and what is not. I think stop it has given a voice to students when a situation arises.

— Mary-Jo Eppright, MSW, LCSW, HIB Specialist/Student Support/School Social Worker

I see STOPit as a major tool for change.

I see STOPit as a major tool for change. Additionally, the deterrent effect of the program was powerful and evident immediately. Overall, STOPit functions as a security blanket for us and ensures we are leveraging the latest technology to help our students.

— CAPT Neil May, USN (Ret.)

Great app and great process

The enrollment process with the STOPit app has been very easy...Great app and great process. Thank You.

— Corry Roberts, MS/HS Principal
Crazy Horse School

Launching STOPit is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

STOPit App
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