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STOPit streamlines reporting and incident management so that educators can get back to educating.

STOPit was created for two reasons:

  • Empower students with an easy, safe and anonymous way to help themselves and others
  • Reduce the workload on administrators by providing powerful investigatory and time-saving tools

The STOPit Solution

STOPit is an easy and effective way to manage and resolve incidents of inappropriate behavior of all types

  • Decrease your workload: STOPit is a powerful deterrent that can reduce the number of incidents you have to manage
  • Save time: Follow up directly with students to get more information in real time
  • Be proactive: Resolve problems early, before they spiral out of control
  • Focus on real issues: Over 99% of incidents are legitimate

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The best part about STOPit is that it saves me time...

The best part about STOPit is that it saves me time. Using DOCUMENTit, I can manage all of our incident reports in one place and send a message directly back to the submitter. Students no longer have to make the trip down the hallway to report and as a result are spending more time in class.

— Sarah Doherty, M.E.d. School Counselor/ABS
Folsom Elementary School

Create a culture of safety, caring, and respect...

Students are digital natives and many choose to communicate, first, through digital means rather than face-to-face conversations. This program meets them where they are...they can, more easily, stand up for each other and create a culture of safety, caring, and respect.

— Dr. Robb Killen, Supervisor of Counseling & Mental Health
Maury County Public Schools

Great app and great process

The enrollment process with the STOPit app has been very easy...Great app and great process. Thank You.

— Corry Roberts

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