STOPit Public Entity Solutions

Anonymous Reporting & Incident Management

STOPit Public Entity Solutions

STOPit is the nation’s leading solution for anonymous incident reporting and management. Use STOPit to maintain a positive, safe, and productive education, workplace and community climate by empowering bystanders to be upstanders with anonymous reporting.

STOPit is a valuable addition to your existing Loss Control efforts. Benefits include:

  • Reduction of incidents
  • Facilitate compliance
  • 24 hour per day monitoring to reduce liability exposure
  • Analytics of incident types, platform usage, and other details offer guidance so you can allocate training and risk resources when and where needed.

The STOPit subscription includes:

  • STOPit Web - Easy reporting from any web browser
  • STOPit Mobile App - Next generation mobile reporting
  • STOPit Admin - Incident Management System for Administrators
  • 24/7 Incident Monitoring Service - Monitoring of incoming reports 24/7
  • Tip Line & Reward Service - Anonymous phone tips & targeted tip rewards
  • Launch, Support, & Training Materials - Posters, Videos, and more!

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Deters and eliminates behavior claims...

Until we started working with STOPit, I had not seen an effective loss control tool that deters or eliminates what I call “behavior claims.

— Andrew Kay, Senior Vice President
Great American Insurance Group

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