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Save time, help people, and mitigate risk

STOPit Public Safety Solution

Every citizen has the potential to help mitigate risk. STOPit equips every citizen with a fast, anonymous, convenient, and safe way to share information anonymously directly with authorities about risks to public safety. When people feel that they have a safe way to share information, they will do so – to the betterment of individuals as well as the entire community.

And STOPit goes beyond keeping people safe and building trust – it’s a powerful deterrent, as people start thinking twice before making a bad decision. Build a culture of safety with STOPit.

What Citizens Report

  • Weapons Possession
  • Alcohol/Drug Issues
  • Persons of Interest
  • Crime Information & Tips
  • Domestic Abuse
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Citizens feel safe reporting with STOPit...

The community is instrumental in helping law enforcement combat crime.

— John Fodor
Chief of Detectives, Somerset County

Why not use that technology to our advantage...

One of the biggest difficulties we have in communities is getting them to cooperate and getting them to feed us information.. because they maybe have had a bad experience with police or, more importantly, they're very fearful of retaliation

— Michael Robertson
Chief Prosecutor, Somerset County

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