STOPit Business Solutions

Legacy reporting systems no longer meet the needs of a modern connected society.

STOPit Business Solutions

Paper, hotlines, and web reporting do not align with the way employees communicate today.

Inappropriate behaviors like harassment, corporate malfeasance and other forms of inappropriate conduct have become more pervasive. The risks to employees and companies are significant.

STOPit is a powerful, anonymous messaging platform that facilitates employee engagement. STOPit also automates your current processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations. Follow up directly with employees anonymously to gather more information, while ensuring secure evidence collection and compliance.

What Employees Report

  • Whistleblowing
  • HIB (Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying)
  • Corporate Malfeasance
  • Discrimination
  • Workers Comp Fraud
  • Safety / Maintenance Issues

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[We] encourage a “Speak Up” environment...

We saw results immediately…we have been able to address concerns timely. I am proud and grateful to partner with the STOPit team.

— Mary Jo M., Healthcare Industry

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