STOPit Insurance Solutions

If you can prevent a single claim, it’s worth it.

STOPit Insurance Solutions

Claims for preventable behavior-based liability issues, such as abuse and molestation, have become increasingly pervasive and costly. With STOPit, your insureds can stop reacting to issues, and start preventing them.

The STOPit mobile app is effective because it empowers individuals with a tool that aligns with the way they naturally communicate today. With STOPit, your insureds – schools, municipalities, or organizations – will stop dealing with the fallout of escalated issues and start addressing them early, before they result in a claim or litigation. Plus, STOPit is a powerful deterrent, as people start thinking before making a bad decision.

Key Benefits

  • Deter inappropriate behaviors
  • Reduce claims
  • Facilitates compliance for your members
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations

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Deters or eliminates what I call ‘behavior claims’...

Until we started working with STOPit, I had not seen an effective loss control tool that deters or eliminates what I call ‘behavior claims.’

— Andrew Kay, Senior Vice President
Great American Insurance Group

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