SB 968 "Anonymous Reporting" is Effective Jan 1, 2018

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Texas SB 968

SB 968 has become law in Texas and is now in effect.
Each postsecondary educational institution is required to have:

  • a means for students and staff to anonymously report sexual assault electronically
  • easily accessible option from the web site

STOPit customers are live in less than 30 minutes. STOPit also includes email templates to advise students and staff on the program as required by SB 968

SB 968 Requires

  • Anonymous Incident Reporting
  • Web-Based Reporting

STOPit Provides

  • STOPit Mobile App
  • STOPit Web App
  • Incident Management System
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1,200 pairs of eyes looking out for our students...

STOPit allows us to have 1,200 pairs of eyes looking out for our students, not just the eyes of teachers or administrators.

— Dr. Dave Zuilkoski

We have a responsibility to help students...

This is a great way for Texas to reinforce the fact that if something that happens on campus, we have a responsibility to help students.

— Kim McKay
VP for Student Services

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