March 10, 2014

    Anti-Bullying App Unveiled to Students in Jacksonville

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — There is a new app available and its creator says the goal is not only to help stop cyber bullying, but to also help save lives.

    Todd Schobel created the STOPit app and launched it Monday at a school rally at the Somerset Academy Charter School.

    It’s an individual and school program application that allows victims and witnesses of cyberbullying to confidentially report incidents to a school or an adult.

    “They take a screen capture of what they see and then they hit a button for the school cyber bully contact, or they hit a button for another trusted adult and it forwards that information to them,” said Todd Schobel, CEO and creator of STOPit.

    Schobel said the school or adult is immediately notified with a photo of what he calls “evidence” along with a description, then an investigation begins.

    Another button allows the user to talk to or text a certified counselor 24/7.

    “We want to increase interventions and decrease the tears,” Schobel said. said in 2011, 20 percent of ninth through twelfth graders experienced bullying. Teacher Michelle Morrison has seen it through the years.

    “Proactive is the key,” she said when talking about what she hopes students know and understand. “Don’t stand by and let things happen.”

    “If you can use technology to fight what children are using to bully, then it would come out for the best,” said eighth grade student, Luis Alexander. “Like … it’s a compromise. It’s a good idea.”

    “If we can save one life,” Schobel said “We can accomplish what we’ve set out to do.”

    The individual app costs $3.99 but an administrator with the Somerset Academy said all of the students at the school will get the app free for two years.


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