August 10, 2017

    Anti-Bullying Apps for Students and Parents

    FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – AT&T rolled out a new initiative to help kids and teens report cyber bullying and stand up for those being bullied.

    #LaterHaters gives kids and parents resources to combat online bullying on one single website.

    Eric Collier with AT&T speaks to FOX 24 about the various apps you can download for free.

    ‘STOPit’ allows you to privately report bullying going on at school. You can find more information on the app by clicking here.

    The ‘I am Witness’ app gives you an eye emoji that you can post under a rude comment, picture or video on someones’s social media page to let them know the behavior is not okay. Learn more about the app here.

    ‘Sit With Us’ is an app which was created by a 16-year-old who was bullied in high school. ‘Sit With Us’ promotes inclusion by helping kids connect with others at school by inviting them to sit together at lunch. Click here to learn more.

    AT&T is also promoting a bullying documentary called ‘There’s a Soul Behind That Screen.” The 20 minute film features several teens sharing their experience with bullying and how it has affected their lives. You can view the documentary here.

    For more information on AT&T’s #LaterHaters initiative, click here.

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