November 27, 2018

    App Being Used To Help Stop Bullying At Skiatook Schools

    SKIATOOK, Oklahoma – Skiatook Public Schools is using a new cell phone app to fight bullying.

    Administrators say students are now able to privately report bullying or cyber-bullying.

    Students in Skiatook started using the “STOP IT” app just a few weeks ago, after the district says it was chosen to pilot the program.

    School leaders say if students see or hear bullying, cyber-bullying or anything in school that concerns them, they can use their smart phone to send a message, video or picture to administrators.

    From there, Skiatook schools will open up an investigation into what’s going on.

    The creators of the app say students can remain anonymous while using it.

    Dr. Steven Cantrell is the principal of Newman Middle School and he says he wants students to feel comfortable telling school staff if anything is worrying them and this is just another way to do that.

    We have a mission here at our school that we want to provide a safe environment where all of our kids are prepared for high school, that safety is first and foremost. If we can’t provide that safe environment, then it’s hard for kids to learn,” said Principal Dr. Steven Cantrell.

    The app is free and can be downloaded on Google Play or the Apple App store.

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