February 28, 2018

    App Lets Brookfield High School Students Make Anonymous Tips

    BROOKFIELD TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – Area schools are using technology to fight against bullying and school threats.

    Brookfield High School unveiled an app to students Wednesday called “STOP IT,” which encourages students to reach out anonymously if they see something wrong.

    “We thought it would be an easier way for students to let us know what is going on and for us to actually be able to do something about it,” said Brookfield High School Principal Adam Lewis.

    Students say it’s a perfect way to report issues and still keep a low profile.

    “I think a lot of times people are afraid to speak up about bullying or hearing something violent or hearing people talk about that kind of stuff,” said Dana Sydlowski, senior.

    Administrators say it’s up to students to decide how and when they use the app.

    “If people have a problem, they can go right to this app. They don’t have to feel afraid,” said Samantha Ditotsti, senior.

    Lewis hopes students follow the age-old saying if you see something, say, or in this case, text something.

    “If they see something that doesn’t look how it should, they really need to let somebody know, and the app is one way for them to be able to do that,” Lewis said.

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