October 18, 2017

    Appleton Area School District Launches New Student Safety App

    APPLETON (WLUK) — Whether it’s vandalism, or something as serious as a possible hit and run.

    “My car has been hit multiple times in the student lot,” said one student we spoke to.

    “There’s always people writing on the bathroom doors,” said another.

    A group of Appleton West seniors say they have seen inappropriate behavior on campus, but there’s some hesitation, when it comes to reporting those incidents.

    The Appleton Area School District has launched a new app hoping to change that.

    It’s called “STOPit”.

    “The platform “STOPit” is a way that we can help deter and mitigate bullying or cyber abuse, or any other inappropriate behavior,” said Sheree Garvey, District Coordinator of School Improvement.

    Garvey says, by using the app, students can report suspicious behavior directly to a school official, and remain anonymous, “There’s also that “get help” feature, that can be used to engage in two-way communication with school contacts.”

    The app also allows students to report any crime by uploading, a video or photo, that is directly sent to school administration.

    “If they witnessed something, a student stealing a bike on school grounds, but they didn’t feel comfortable reporting that, they could take a pic and upload that,” said Garvey.

    It’s something students, FOX 11 spoke to say they like.

    “I feel like people will come forward faster, if they know that it will be anonymous,” said one student.

    “It stops a lot of the stuff that can happen, from them figuring out you snitched on them,” said another.

    A school safety spotlight night is scheduled for November 2nd at all three high schools.

    The event is open to students and parents, and will highlight the new app, as well as safety tips.

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