May 24, 2018

    Apps Help Anonymously Report Sexual Harassment

    Technology has become such a ubiquitous part of people’s lives, it only makes sense that people feel most comfortable using tech to report workplace harassment, according to Neil Hooper, chief revenue officer at STOPit Solutions. What’s more, he says, people are more likely to report incidents of harassment they have experienced or witnessed “in the moment,” rather than waiting until hours or days later, when they may look back and second-guess what happened.

    “If they go home and think about it, they start to wonder whether they interpreted the situation wrong. As time passes, they lose their courage to step up,” says Hooper. “Technology provides the ability for a very quick, convenient, natural method of recording that something wrong is going on, to capture the moment immediately after it happens.”

    In recent years, a number of providers have unveiled new apps and platforms for reporting workplace sexual harassment. The STOPit app allows employees to make a complaint, with the option of remaining anonymous while still allowing for two-way communication through which the employer can elicit more details about the incident in order to investigate.

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