February 24, 2017

    Arkansas’ First School Download Assembly

    BATESVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) — Friday was an unusual day for Southside School near Batesville. They held their first ever “Download” assembly. We’re not sure, but it’s a good chance there is no school in Arkansas that has ever had one.

    Today the Junior high and high school got together in the auditorium, to hear a presentation on the cause and effects of bullying. They watched an emotional video featuring a mother who had lost her child to bullying. But then, host Paul Coughlan, had all those in attendance with smartphones, to get them out and download the “Stop It” App.

    It’s a highly specialized app that allows students to anonymously report bullying incidents to a central command at Southside. This command is usually made up of teachers, coaches, counselors, and administrators, who can observe reports in real time. According to the “Stop It” creators, incidents of bullying go down 70 percent in the first year.

    Southside becomes the first Arkansas school to try “Stop It” They join over 6,000 schools nationwide. It’s also being used in Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

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