August 26, 2015

    Arklatex Parents React to New App Designed to Eliminate Cyberbullying

    A new app created to help eliminate cyber bullying is catching the eye of ArkLaTex parents. The STOPit app is being used in several states but not yet in the Ark-La-Tex. App creators hope the anonymous resource will launch a decrease in bullying and minimize suicides among teens.

    “We have so many problems in our schools, it’s really needed,” said parent Marianne Davis.

    The app is geared towards putting a stop to cyber bullying altogether. It works by allowing students to report incidents with the click of a button on their smart phone.

    “Nobody wants to be a tattle tell in this world but I think the app would help the kids. I feel the kids would be able to speak out a little bit better,” said parent Kala Sims

    According to STOPit’s CEO, Todd Schobel, students would remain anonymous giving them power that is typically taken away through bullying. “Now we give them the ability to get involved anonymously and change someone’s life and it makes them feel good that they can get involved and not fear retribution or being called a snitch,” added Schobel.

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