December 6, 2018

    Augusta County Equips Schools with Extra Safety Measures

    AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) – Schools in Augusta County are taking extra precautions to make sure students feel safe.

    All 18 Augusta County schools are locked down with buzz-in systems, and they also have cameras both inside and out.

    And now, in addition to the Ident-A-Kid sign-in, each visitor must provide a license to be scanned that’ll bring up any known sex offender or other reasons to be flagged.

    School administrators say security and safety are an important part of learning.

    “If the kids don’t feel safe, they don’t want to come to school,” Dr. Douglas Shifflett, the Augusta County Public Schools’ assistant superintendent, said. “If they’re still coming to school and not feel safe, they’re not going to concentrate. They’re going to be thinking about everything else. And if they don’t have all those extra worries, then they can concentrate on what’s in hand that the teacher’s giving them.”

    In January, Augusta County Public Schools aims to begin using the STOPit app, which allows students to anonymously report a variety of concerns to administrators.

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