May 30, 2017

    Best New Apps for Bettering Yourself

    Each day we are inundated with the ideas, advice, foods and exercises that promise to revolutionize and make us the best version of ourselves — and in recent years, there’s been no shortage of apps that provide all of this to us at any time, anywhere. It can be overwhelming to the point of discouraging! Getting to the help you need shouldn’t add stress to your plate, and with that in mind, we’ve created a short list of apps that may be new to you, and offer exactly the guidance you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s help for your digestive system, an opportunity to learn a little when you only have minutes to spare, or HIIT for your mind, here are 10 apps that we hope bring you happiness and health.


    Managing our well-being is a day-to-night effort, so problems arising within the workplace should not be pushed aside. STOPit is a new app that gives employees the power to file reports regarding bullying, discrimination and harassment, all done anonymously through its platform. It’s common to hear about ethical messes at companies (think Uber, for example), yet actually reporting such matters is still a lengthy process. There’s also a fear attached with reporting someone, which can hinder a lot of people coming forward when they need to. STOPit allows photos or videos to be attached to the report as evidence, but no personal information from the user is recorded. Think about it this way: if there are a bundle of reports being submitted about a certain co-worker (or group of workers), STOPit may just give the push that HR needs to look deeper into the company culture and its potential shortcomings. That’s a win in itself.

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