October 8, 2017

    Big Spring ISD Launches Anti-Bullying App

    BIG SPRING — “The district wanted a way to anonymously report issue that are concerning to them. Whether it’s that they’re going to hurt themselves, or they’re at risk of something here at school,” explained Rebecca Otto, Big Spring’s Junior High School Principal.

    The app is called STOPit. Every school has their own unique credential. For Big Spring Junior High, it’s BSJH.

    Both students and parents can send in the report. The schools sent home flyers and showed a video during their advisory period to educate the students on what the app has to offer.

    “I think it’s good because some people are scared to tell other people like teachers cause they don’t know how they’ll react or if they’ll judge them or maybe they won’t believe them that they’re getting bullied, so I think it’s good,” reflected Chloe Ashcraft, an 8th grader at Big Spring Junior High.

    When a student submits a STOPit report. It automatically sends over a text message alerting the administrators and the councilors so they can respond promptly to the students.

    “For those kids who feel like it’s difficult to report, but they want to do what’s right,” Otto said. “It’s a great way to anonymously get some help for a friend.

    The app is still new for the school district, it was implemented at the end of September, but students and faculty agree it’s gotten off to a good start.

    “Our dream for it is it is really utilized for its purpose. We don’t want any kid going through school or life miserable. If there is some way for us to be aware of a situation or a problem and for us to be able to help them, that’s what our vision for the program is,” Otto concluded.

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