February 28, 2018

    Brookfield Students use STOPit App to Report Bullying

    BROOKFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio – As schools across the country look for ways to better protect students from the threats of violence, one Valley district is asking students to download another layer of protection.

    Brookfield High School students were introduced to the STOP!t app on Wednesday.

    The anonymous reporting tool allows students to alert school officials to bullying problems or concerns related to school safety.

    “If they see something that doesn’t look right, they report it in the app and it will go to an administrator very quickly and we can respond in real time,” said Adam Lewis, principal at Brookfield High School.

    Lewis believes unreported bullying is part of the problem in the surge of school threats and violence.

    The new line of communication seems less intimidating to some students.

    “This app is a great idea because you could reach out to someone by just simply using this app. You don’t have to feel afraid or worried,” said Samantha Ditosti, a high school senior.

    Students gathered for an assembly where they were reminded of the signs of bullying and provided instructions on how to download the app on their smartphones.

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