May 11, 2014

    What You Can Do When Faced with a Cyberbully

    It happens all too often to our children. It also happens to adults and businesses.

    And it’s not going to get better anytime soon. In fact, thanks to the Internet, bullying is becoming more common. To top it off, in some Internet-based apps there is no way to identify the attacker. Then, his or her followers continue the attacks virally by retweeting to all of their followers, so the same abusive comments get sent over and over by multiple people. It’s like being punched in the dark, over and over.

    Bullying at schools through the use of social apps can be stopped by anonymous posts. Unlike those I mention above, this is an app that allows anonymous posting I can support. A new app called STOPit can be used in school systems to report bullying or report someone who might be at risk of harming themselves.

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