December 4, 2018

    Carmel Clay Schools Launches New App for School Safety

    CARMEL, Ind. – Students in Carmel Clay Schools now have a new way to alert school administrators anonymously by using an app on their cell phone.

    Students can now download the “STOPit” app on their phone, and log in using the special code that corresponds with school.

    The app allows the students to submit anonymous tips. Those are then sent directly to school administrators and school resource officers. Every time there’s a new alert – there’s an immediate notification on their phone and laptop.

    “It can be acts of violence, it could be student misbehavior, it can be mental health needs, it can be bullying, anything they think administration needs to know about,” said Carmel Clay Schools Director of Student Services David Woodward.

    The new system replaces the school’s old system called ‘Anonymous Alert,” which could only be used on a computer.That program also didn’t let school officials to respond, but “STOPit” does.

    “If the information is vague or if the information is not sufficient for us to investigate, we may be able to communicate back and ask for further information in helping those students,” said Sgt. D.J. Schoeff, who is the Supervisor for resource officers in Carmel Clay Schools.

    Students are also able to include pictures and video with their reports. The app is available 24/7, however school officials say if it’s an emergency after school hours it’s best to call 9-1-1.

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