October 3, 2018

    Catholic School in Dickinson Launches New App to Help Students Feel Safer at School

    Trinity Catholic Schools in Dickinson, ND is preparing to launch a new app to help students feel safer at school.

    “Stop!t” is an anonymous reporting system that students can download straight to their phones.

    It also has two way communication and allows school administrators to communicate with students who are reporting unsafe, harmful and inappropriate behavior.

    When reporting incidents, students can text messages, as well as, send photos and video.

    Father Kregg Hochhalter,Dean of Students, Trinity Junior High & High School, said administrators also have the ability to forward the information to law enforcement.

    Hochhalter said the school had “zero reportable incidents” last year, but feels the app allows the school to be “proactive” and address issues before they become problems.

    The app is subscription based and will cost the school a few hundred dollars annually, but students can download it for free with an access code.

    Hochhalter said at this time the app will be available for grades 4th through 12th, because they are the ones most likely to use it, and the school plans on going live with students on Wednesday.

    Administrators plan on meeting with the grade levels individually throughout the day, so they can show students how “Stop!t” works.

    “Stop!t” is not mandatory and is optional for students who want to use it.

    Hochhalter said students can use the app anytime, anywhere.

    “So those things that happen on the weekend nights, weekend mornings. . . even if they are not on campus. . . .I still want them to have the safety and ability to report anonymously”.

    Trinity Catholic Schools has about 300 students grades 4th through 12th.

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