August 17, 2017

    Clarendon ISD Tackles Bullying

    Today marks the first day of class for students in Clarendon, and although the school year has just begun, officials are already prepared to face any type of bullying with a app called STOPit.

    Throughout the school year, students from any campus will be able to use this app to report dangers, threats and bullying they may be experiencing.

    Whether it is physical, verbal, or cyber abuse, school officials hope students will use the anonymous app.

    “It’ll encourage students that maybe hesitant in reporting to me as a principal, or any one else, they have the opportunity to do it and remain anonymous,” principal Larry Jeffers said.

    Jeffers says he investigated one bullying related incident last year and believes STOPit will encourage more students to come forward.

    Students who use this system can send in text messages, photos or videos.

    “Our use for STOPit is about respect, use and prevention and the hope is prevention,” principal John Taylor said. “We don’t want to deal with the bullying we want to prevent it before it starts.”

    Bullying is not the only subject students can report. They can alert the administration on fighting, drugs and self harm.

    Every report is real time, so once a student sends a concern a school administrator will be able to quickly respond to them and talk about the issue.

    “This is just another layer of protection for our students well being, and I hope they use it to report any harm and if they feel in danger,” superintendent Mike Norrel said.

    Next Friday, high school and middle school students will all attend an assembly in regards to this STOPit app.

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