April 26, 2018

    Clovis Municipal Schools Takes Steps to End Bullying, Help Students Report Issues

    CLOVIS, N.M. (KFDA) – In an effort to continue working to end bullying, Clovis Municipal Schools has implemented STOPit, an app aimed at transforming the way students report and potentially prevent inappropriate behavior.

    Clovis High School Principal, Jay Brady, says as social media continues to evolve it’s important for adults to meet students where they are.

    Brady said with students continuing to be “plugged in,” bullying unfortunately becomes easier.

    “Kids are wide open and instead of it being a one-on-one situation, you can see where one kids posts something, and now 150 kids are liking or adding comments. So, it becomes a very large issue very quickly and it’s immediate,” said Clovis High School Principal Jay Brady.

    Students at Clovis High School tell NewsChannel10 they believe as hard as it may be, ending bullying begins with stepping up and speaking out.

    “They may feel like this person may be angry at me if I do come forward with it, but the STOPit app makes it a lot easier for kids to be brave about it and talk about it,” said Clovis High Student Ashleigh Bargas.

    “The only way to stop bullying is if one, people speak out, and two, if they’re not afraid. The not afraid part needs to come from our peers,” said Clovis High Student David Garcia.

    Since implementation of the STOPit app back in February, 129 anonymous reports have been made. Brady says this app is opening the door to some serious issues for the district.

    “We had a child that was considering arming [themselves], and we were able to deal with that. We’ve dealt with drug issues, we’ve dealt with some neglect and abuse issues,” said Brady.


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