April 24, 2015

    County Central Adopting Cyberbullying App STOPit

    County Central High School (CCHS) is trying out an app in an attempt to clamp down on cyberbullying.

    CCHS is the first Canadian school to use the STOPit app to encourage students to report cyberbullying to school staff and other trusted adults. County Central is adopting the app for a one-year trial.

    “The reason STOPit was designed was to be able to wrap your arms around kids that are in crisis,” said Tom Rich, a New Jersey police officer, during an interview. “It’s not about catching anybody or getting the cops involved.”

    The app is a resource to empower kids to help each other, he added.

    Students simply need to download the app, which is available for Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices and then add trusted adults, who could include a parent or guardian, aunt or uncle, a favourite teacher, club leader, or sports coach, a school counsellor or a close family friend, reads the STOPit website. Once students program your trusted adults, they are able to reach out to them instantly. School contacts are pre-programmed.

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