November 14, 2013

    STOPit App Debuts to Let Young Phone Users Identify Cyberbullying, Report it

    Soon the very devices used to commit cyberbullying may be the ones to stop it.

    A revolutionary phone application aims at putting the power of reporting bullying in the palm of every student’s hands.

    STOPit, unveiled to schools for purchase Wednesday, enables students to easily capture malicious behavior with their Apple or Droid smart phone and send it to adult contacts or officials with the touch of a button — and in some cases anonymously.

    “In 10 seconds you just potentially saved that person’s life, or made their life better,” its creator Todd Schobel, who was moved by the cyberbullying and suicide of 13-year-old Megan Meier to create the program, told The News.

    “I just couldn’t find anything that would match what my idea was,” the father of two said of its creation. “It’s just so basic.”

    The app which debuted exclusively on is one of two versions that can be purchased by schools and distributed among their students’ phones.

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