November 26, 2018

    Cranford High School Administration Amplifies Safety

    CRANFORD – In light of recent, jarring events across the country and the world, the administration at Cranford High School has taken upon itself to increase the safety and security of the students and staff.

    Several new protocols have been put into place since the beginning of the school year to reduce any possibility of threats to the school. With the help of the New Jersey Department of Education and the Cranford Police Department, the high school is proactively becoming a safer place.

    Many of the new measures have no disruptive effect on students and staff, such as additional security cameras and alarmed school entrances. Some of the more stringent policies are those permitting visitor entry. Visitors must adhere to a strict code of conduct concerning entering the school. A visitor must have an appointment and it can only occur during a certain time frame, which includes no visitation during student entrance or exit times of the day. Visitors also must provide some form of photo ID to be let into the building. If any visitor is uncooperative or appears to pose any threat, administrators are instructed to notify the police immediately.

    The school has also taken up a new initiative to prevent cruel or violent behaviors within the student body. With a simple app called STOPit, students can anonymously report to a certain staff member, who also remains anonymous, about bullying or other potentially dangerous situations to alert them of a problem immediately.

    Cranford High School Principal, Mark Cantagallo, was the Safety and Security coordinator for Rahway and Berkeley Heights before assuming his current position, where he continues to prioritize safety with the skills and training he attained at his previous occupation.

    Cantagallo said, “We have always had a priority on safety with students and staff and we want to continue to make sure that is a priority. Sometimes those priorities are more visible than at other times, but it has always been the number one priority.”

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