April 26, 2018

    Creek Valley Schools Introduce STOPit Anti-Bullying Software

    CHAPPELL, Neb. – In an effort to bring further awareness and, ultimately, attempt to stop bullying in schools, Creek Valley Public Schools have enrolled with STOPit. The online tool is designed to deter and mitigate bullying, cyber abuse, and other inappropriate behaviors. STOPit consists of an app and a back-end incident management system for school administrators.

    The idea came through an email advertisement in which three officials, high school principal Patrick Ningen, elementary office manager Colleen Hodges and elementary principal Tessa Fraas, all researched and believed it would be a great resource for students, staff and community members.

    Those three also founded a 22-person anti-bullying group called People of Action which consists of 14 students along with eight staff and community members. After discussing the idea with the group and other administrative officials, everyone was on board.

    “It’s not a totally free service, but we felt as though it was well worth the minimal cost,” Ningen said. The service will be paid for through the general school fund budget.

    The software was officially launched to the student body and parents at a pair of school assemblies Thursday morning at both the elementary and high school. Students, parents and staff in attendance were asked to download the free smartphone/tablet app which allows users to anonymously report anything to school officials from online bullying to a leak in the restroom. Once the report is made, administrators are able to communicate with the anonymous source and further investigate the situation.

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