March 2, 2015

    Cyberbullies Be Warned

    The unique nature of cyberbullying makes monitoring and catching culprits a difficult task, and in some cases, new technology is needed altogether.

    “Laws are great, but you need a mechanism to enforce them,” said Jonathan Pearl, the chief operating officer of STOPit.

    STOPit is a company working on a cutting edge app that would allow victims and school administrators to spot and document cyberbullying.

    “STOPit is a mobile app that allows a person to quickly and easily capture evidence of cyberbullying,” Pearl said.

    A school or organization would register, allowing students to download STOPit onto their phones. The app allows students to anonymously report cyberbullying, and the technology would also allow administrators to save that evidence for litigation.

    One of the biggest issues with cyberbullying is that victims hardly ever report that it is happening to them.


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