April 1, 2014

    Cyberbullying and How to STOPit

    Todd Schobel is the founder and president of StopIt!, a mobile phone app that empowers kids to confront and stop bullying in their schools, anonymously. Sgt. Tom Rich is a New Jersey police officer, bullying expert and speaker on the topics of cyber-bullying, texting, sexting, and other social media issues.

    In this conversation my guests and I talk about bullying in our modern culture, how parents can and ought to address these and similar issues with their children, and Todd explains how StopIt! can make that job easier, not only for parents, but for children and school officials alike.

    For more information on the StopIt! application, visit their website. You can also find more information as well as download the application on Apple iTunes and Google Play. For more information about Tom Rich and his work with schools and his future speaking engagements visit his website.


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