April 13, 2015

    Dad Creates STOPit Anti-Cyberbully App

    For entrepreneurs, sometimes is just takes a little extra motivation to get the ball rolling. For Todd Schobel, it wasn’t just about making money, but making a difference.

    Amanda Todd was just 15 years old when she committed suicide. Prior to her suicide, she posted a video to YouTube about being bullied. By holding up flashcards, she explained how she had been the victim of bullying by classmates and strangers.

    This inspired Todd Schobel, a father who, prior to seeing the video, had never heard of cyberbullying – but realized he might have a solution to help. So he launched an app called STOPit, a way for students to anonymously report bullying.

    The app allows students to report cyberbullying with just a single click, without even having to launch the app. A newer version will also include an option to report traditional, in-person bullying by taking a picture or video.

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