December 25, 2015

    Did Your Kids Get New Mobile Devices for the Holidays? Safety Tips for Parents & Educators

    Did you know that this past Thanksgiving day generated a record $639 million in sales of mobile devices, with Black Friday bringing in an additional $583 million?

    With many mobile devices being purchased as gifts for children this holiday season, the risk of cyber abuse and cyberbullying has never been greater. In fact, more than 72 percent of teens said they were cyberbullied in the past year, and 45 percent of children admitted that they have interacted with strangers online–scary statistics.

    Collectively, the social media industry is laser-focused on constantly innovating and changing to keep up with the times and trends–the worst thing that can happen to a once-popular platform is to be considered old and antiquated. As social media application consumers, it is important to continue to be mindful of individual app upgrades, including the addition of various new security features. Unfortunately, many new emerging trends on social media apps focus on making communication more accessible, geographically placed and media-focused–all major privacy issues for our children.

    This holiday season, kids everywhere will be opening new (or, in some cases, their first) mobile devices. Whether it’s a phone or tablet, these WiFi-enabled, tech-forward “toys” are sure to dominate the popular holiday gifts lists this year. To help you understand what your children might be downloading to their new devices, we have compiled a list of the most popular social media platforms and apps, and provided tips on what they are and what to look for as a potential threat.


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