May 15, 2018

    Ellensburg School District Launches App-Based Platform to Increase School Safety

    ELLENSBURG, Wash. – Ellensburg school officials are introducing new solutions to help students report bullying, incidents and suspicious behavior.

    They are using a phone application called “STOPit” which allows students to make anonymous reports.

    Ellensburg middle and high school students are given a code that grants them access to make any type of report with an immediate response.

    The app allows two-way text messaging, photos or videos.

    “It usually asks the reporting student: can you give us more information? Where did this occur can you give us some names involved? Would you be willing to talk to an administrator about this and we investigate it immediately,” said Ellensburg High School’s Assistant Principal, Neil Musser.

    State representative Matt Manweller introduced this program in light of the several shootings that took place in schools nationwide earlier this year.

    He said it’s very important for students and their parents to feel safe.

    “When parents drop off their kids at school that they know that they’re going to be safe and I felt that this was the best way to prevent more school shootings, said Manweller.

    Last year in the budget the state put $750,000 into school safety grants and this app-based program will be eligible for that money.

    Since launching the app two weeks ago the Ellensburg School District has received about 20 reports.

    They’re also in the middle of creating codes for parents so they can also download the app and send in tips.

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