April 7, 2014

    Fighting Cyberbullying With A Mobile App

    When he learned that a teenage girl took her own life because of cyberbullying, Todd Schobel knew he needed to join the fight to prevent future tragedies from unfolding. In just a few days, he came up with an app to empower young people to stand up against bullying.

    “[I believe] kids are good. I don’t think there’s a culture of evil right now with children. They’re no worse or better than they were 50 years ago, so why not give them the power to go ahead and make this change? And with STOPit, it gives them a tool to go ahead quickly, efficiently and to make a difference,” Schobel told MintPress News in an interview.

    But combating cyberbullying is a battle in an ever-evolving landscape. Each new app – especially ones like Yik Yak that allow users to remain anonymous – offers new, harsher breeding grounds for harassment.

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