October 3, 2018

    FISD Administration Provides Students the Ability to Report Incidents of Inappropriate Behavior

    Bullying and abuse are prevalent topics in high schools across the nation, as many students struggle each year to cope with the effects of harassment. Frisco Independent School District is taking a unique approach to ending this epidemic through the implementation of the STOPit App. The STOPit app gives students an opportunity to anonymously report bullying before it gets out of hand. Through this initiative, FISD is hoping to cut back on the rates of bullying in schools around the district, while also making students feel secure and safe when they come to school each day.

    While bullying may be an age-old issue, the use of an app to deter its effects gives students the chance to report abuse in a setting that they are comfortable with. “The app gives students the option to report without talking to another person”, WHS Assistant Principal Sean Westby said. “As (students) become more aware of the capabilities of the app…it will become easy for students to use”, giving students the chance to deter bullying from the comfort of their cellular device.

    Despite the upsides of STOPit, there is always the unforeseen potential for the abusing of the privileges that an an app brings. Because of the anonymous features of STOPit, there is a potential for false reporting and hijinks. While the digital natures of the app may be tempting to potential pranksters, WHS administration wants students to understand that the app must be taken seriously. “False reports could desensitize adults to something that could be serious”, WHS Assistant Principal Sean Westby remarked. As a student body, it is important that we respect the app and use it only in good judgement, so that the privacies of each student as are ensured.

    With time, the STOPit app will grow to help end bullying across Frisco ISD. As a new and distinctly digital age dawns upon us, STOPit gives students, parents, and teachers a chance to end the crisis from the convenience of a cell phone. While it make take time to work out the kinks, Frisco ISD is well on their way to making bullying a thing of the past, one report at a time.

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