January 23, 2019

    Geronimo Empowers Students with Reporting App

    GERONIMO, OK (TNN) – Geronimo Junior High and High School is empowering students to stand up for themselves and for one another.

    There’s an app for that! The district recently enrolled in and launched the app called ‘STOPit!’ ‘STOPit!’ is aimed at deterring and mitigating inappropriate behaviors such as bullying and cyber abuse as well as violence and threats.

    Geronimo High and Junior High students now have access to the ‘STOPit!’ mobile app which has two simple features, report inappropriate conduct to or message school administration officials. Oh, and it’s all done completely anonymously!

    “Basically, it helps to relieve some of the anxiety and some of the pressure of having to report situations that happen at school where they might feel pressure and otherwise they wouldn’t report it to us,” Heath Selcer, Geronimo Jr. High and High School Principal.

    Reports can be made through more than just the mobile app.

    “Since the students are not allowed to have their phones during the day, there’s a desktop icon or a link that’s been put on all the computers,” said Mr. Selcer. “So, way they have access to that during school.”

    So, how does it work?

    “They just simply have to click on it and submit some basic information,” said Mr. Selcer. “There is some required stuff that they have to answer like, the date and they also have to read and acknowledge a disclaimer that states, if you make false reports we will take those very seriously.”

    And so far, so good.

    “We’ve had a few reports already and it’s helped,” said Mr. Selcer. “It’s basically like we told the kids the teachers and everybody can’t be everywhere 100 percent of the time even though we would like them to be. Now, you have to worry about what are my other classmates going to see or say. That just kind of helps monitor the behavior and create a better atmosphere where kids are not afraid to stand up and do what’s right.”

    More information and resources can be found online at stopitsolutions.com.

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