April 11, 2019

    Giving Kitchen Enrolls With STOPit Solutions to Empower and Protect Employees

    Giving Kitchen has enrolled with STOPit Solutions, the leading technology service that empowers employees to speak up for themselves and others while giving management the insight it needs to keep workplace culture safe and positive.

    Using STOPit Solutions, Giving Kitchen employees can now submit completely anonymous reports to Giving Kitchen directly from their mobile phone or web browser allowing the organization to identify and even prevent inappropriate conduct in the workplace. Once a report is received, Giving Kitchen will be able to manage incidents through STOPit Solutions’ efficient and powerful investigative tools including the ability to message with the anonymous reporter and address issues instantly.

    “It’s never too early for a small organization to start planning a future where you need really strong safeguards against abuse, malfeasance, embezzlement, sexual harassment or discrimination,” Bryan Schroeder, Executive Director of Giving Kitchen said.

    The adoption of STOPit Solutions is an important part of Giving Kitchen’s continued effort to provide and promote a safe working environment for all employees. Giving Kitchen is on track to double in size over the next few years and hopes that this proactive step in empowering their employees will lead to better communication in reporting incidents as well as deter them from ever happening.

    “We are excited to partner with Giving Kitchen. Our team and tools over at STOPit Solutions will help them maintain a positive work environment as they grow as an organization,” Neil Hooper, Chief Operating Officer of STOPit Solutions said.

    About Giving Kitchen:

    Giving Kitchen (GK) is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency assistance to food service workers through financial support and a network of community resources in order to create a community where crisis is met with compassion and care, and anyone can be a hero. Since its inception, GK has given over 1,600 grants to food service workers in Georgia. GK’s shift starts when theirs can’t. For more about Giving Kitchen, visit givingkitchen.org, follow @givingkitchen and download the GK app for iPhone and Android.

    About STOPit Solutions:

    STOPit Solutions creates safer places to learn, work, and live. STOPit Solutions helps thousands of schools, offices, and townships worldwide inspire speak up cultures through 100 percent anonymous reporting tools and 24/7 monitoring 365 days a year.

    To learn more about STOPit Solutions please visit www.stopitsolutions.com.

    For more information contact Agatha Asch, STOPit Solutions Marketing & Communications Director, at 908-748-4356 or aasch@stopitsolutions.com.

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