June 13, 2014

    Great Anti-Bullying Apps For Your Smartphone & Tablet

    With the Internet at our fingertips in the form of smart phones, tablets and devices, as parents we are becoming even more concerned about cyberbullying and how it can effect our children. Here are some Great Bullying Apps For Your Phone that will help you prevent your child from being the subject of cyberbullying.  With various options for parental controls, blocking of images, specific sites or people from being accessed on phones and tablets, these programs provide you with a protection that can go with your child when you cannot.

    StopIt: If you are looking for a way to engage your children in helping prevent bullying this app and anti bullying organization are a great place to go. Offering options on how to prevent, stop, donate to the cause and overcome a history of bullying this app is a great place to start and a fun and bright adventure for your children.  Kids of all ages will love this app and learn about how they can make a difference in the world of bullying prevention.

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