April 23, 2019

    Haddonfield Middle School Unveils New Method Of Reporting Suspicious Behavior

    On April 15 at the Haddonfield Middle School auditorium, students, faculty and administrators were treated to a presentation on the latest electronic means of combating bullying and preventing other potentially destructive behaviors. 

    STOPit Solutions is an anonymous reporting software program available across the district, geared toward students who feel the need to express concerns of any kind to school administrators without fear of being discovered. The software is free, easy to use and can be downloaded to a smartphone or computer. 

    According to the company site, the app currently boasts over 2.5 million users, and with its built-in messenger service, can also accommodate real-time, two-way correspondence between students, other concerned parties and school administrators.

    “We would like to think that all of our kids and parents are brave enough to come into school or into an administrator’s office and report what they see or what they hear. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality. Nobody wants to be a snitch or a rat,” said Sandra Hurwitz, anti-bullying coordinator for Haddonfield School District. 

    “In order to have best practice here in Haddonfield, we need to make it available both ways: you absolutely can walk into an office in person, or if you don’t want to get involved and you don’t want someone to know you came in and reported something – especially if it involves somebody you think is dangerous – you don’t want your name out there, then this anonymous reporting platform is an answer.” 


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