February 9, 2019

    Help Fight Crime By Using Your Phone

    The Office of the Montgomery County District Attorney has implemented a new way to fight crime in the County.

    “Want to be a super hero?” asked a statement issued by the Office of the District Attorney.  “Be our partner in crime fighting by downloading the STOPit App to your phone.  Then, when you see something, say something by texting an anonymous tip to police and detectives.”

    According to the statement, you can “download the free STOPit App from the App Store or Google Play and input access code ‘MONTCOPA’ and you’re all set.”

    “All tips go to the 911 call center,” the statement continued.  “Anything that requires it are immediately dispatched like a regular 911 phone call.  All others are sent to a Montgomery County on-call detective who forwards them for follow up to the relevant police department or detective bureau unit commander.”

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