August 21, 2018

    Henry Co. Schools Add New Electronic Safety Measures

    PARIS, Tenn. — The Henry County School System implemented two new initiatives on keeping their schools safer.

    Those two measures are Raptor Technologies and the Stop It app.

    Director of Schools Brian Norton says he and his staff have been concerned about the safety and security of the buildings, so they formed a committee, which introduced the new systems.

    Norton says he’s spoken with three of the five schools where the measures went to into effect Monday.

    “All three offices have said we wish we would have had Raptor all along,” Norton said. “It is just an ease of mind for some of the folks that are sitting there as the front line.”

    Visitors check in at the front office and have to present a government-issued ID, which is scanned into the Raptor system and checks the National sex-offender database before the visitor is issued a pass.

    If the scan issues an alert, the visitor is met by a school administrator or a school resource officer at the front office.

    The second new system is a downloadable app, which Norton says is open for students from fourth grade to 12th grade.

    “’Stop It’ is the anonymous reporting system that gives a voice to our students,” Norton said. “We want them to have a voice that when they see something, they actually say something.”

    Using the app is also an opportunity for students to share concerns about things possibly happening to them or their friends.

    “I’ve looked at the reports, and we are already seeing how folks are being connected to the right people,” Norton said.

    That includes counselors and administrators.

    “If the student knows that someone is listening and they are responding, that is going to make them feel safer,” Norton said.

    Norton says Raptor will also alert staff to custody concerns between guardians, and the Stop It app allows administration to track and locate visitors in the school.

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